Saturday, August 22, 2009

Voyage to Seattle: Alli and Sean's Wedding

Last week I headed out to Seattle to celebrate the wedding of one of my closets girlfriends and her amazing other-half, Sean. I stayed with Monica in her darling little house and got to spend some great quality time with all my Seattle friends. By the end of my trip my heart ached to leave them all again since it was such a great trip and I had such a great time seeing them all!!

I arrived on Wednesday evening and Monica picked me up and we adventured to Costco for some groceries and to eat some awesome costco food. After getting a little turned around on I-5 we headed to the bride-to-bes house to see her and also try on my bridesmaid dress that I had never seen!!! I was scared out of my mind the dress wouldn't fit or i was going to look like a beached whale. But Alli picked such beautiful dresses that there was no one someone couldn't look beautiful in it! The dress fit like a glove and it was very exciting to see the Navy and "Apple" green colors together at last!! After that we headed back to Monica's and Sara came over to enjoy some cheese and a bottle of wine.

The next morning I was pampered by Alli as the bridesmaids and some special friends of Alli's/her Mom's were treated to Manicures and pedicures. ( A very exciting development in my life: I actually had fingernails since I stopped biting them!!) I then got to spend the afternoon with Alli and we watched Bridewars (How appropriate) and just relaxed with her darling cousins!

That evening was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at the University Presbyterian church and Seattle golf club. I am such a sap, I cried pretty much at every toast/story of Alli and Sean at dinner.

The happy Couple

Almost Married!

The fake marriage!

Lovely Bridesmaids
Friday was the bridesmaid/special friends luncheon at Alli's house which I got to go to with Stephanie who came in from FL! It was so beautifully decorated and she gave the bridesmaids and friends beautiful gifts! That night Carly, and Sarah, Stephanie, Monica and I went to the mall for some last minute wedding details and then had dinner at the macaroni grill. Monica, Stephanie and I made a quick stop at Mallory's going away bash (she is moving to NC so I will get to visit her!) and then headed home to do a test run of hair and makeup and also creatively figure out how to stretch my shoes for the next day.
Stephanie and I at the Lunch

Interesting method to stretch painful heels. Rubbing alcohol, hair dryer, kitchen spoons, and glasses.
Saturday was the big day. We were up bright and early, prepping from head to toe. Pictures started at 10am and I bawled like a baby when Alli put on her stunning wedding dress. This dress is beyond words and pictures don't even do it justice. Alli looked stunning and radiant! I will never forget the look on Sean's face when he got to turn around and see Alli walking towards him for the first time.
The Dress:
Cake and Mr and Mrs. Kelly

The ceremony was beautiful. I was shaking so hard I am surprised I didn't fall over, but I also couldn't stop beaming because I was so happy for Alli and Sean. The reception was at the Seattle golf club and was a vision of understated elegance and beauty! Alli and her mom could not have planned a more beautiful event!!! A large group of girls from school where there and I had a great time!! The night concluded with taking some limos to a bar and having some beers before collapsing into bed that night.
Yes, that is my bridesmaid bouquet at the bar in a beer pitcher
Sunday morning I got to see the happy couple before they took off for Tahiti on their honeymoon at the post-wedding brunch. Seeing them together and seeing a wedding band on Sean's hand gave me chills and I am so excited for their life together!

Later that day Sara and I checked out the ADPi house since there was some major remodeling done over this summer and I can say I am so amazed at how the house looks! The Alpha Theta girls are very very lucky!!
New study room in the basement

The rest of the afternoon was spend hanging out at Greenlake. I got to see Kendal for a little bit too before she headed back to CA. For the evening Monica and I relaxed at Saras house and then headed home.
The ladies sitting on a bench at greenlakeBeautiful Greenlake and some of my favorite people!
Monday morning I got to go to lunch with Erika on her birthday and spent some time wandering Uville. I made a fabulous dress purchase! Sara picked me up and we headed downtown to visit Pike Place and indulge in some flower and yummy pastries. To conclude my trip Sara, Carly, Monica and I headed to Madison Park to eat at one of my all-time-favorite Seattle restaurants, Cactus!

They have the most amazing Green Enchiladas and Mango Mojitos.

The next morning I was devastated to leave Seattle but managed to get on the plane.
Thanks to all my friends who made my trip so wonderful. AND...


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful trip, I'm so glad I ran into you ladies at Greenlake!

  2. What a blast! Her dress looks amazing and you girls do too!

    PS. Cactus! is one of my favorite restaurants :)