Monday, October 4, 2010

The Key To A Home

I was sent this great idea from a friend who saw this on apartment therapy.

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I love this idea! Unfortunately I don't really have keys from my previous residences. In fact I would say the world of technology and protocol has ruined my ability to take on this little project. Here are my past living arrangements and the lack of keys:

  • The parentals casa. (Still have a key to the house which is always a nice reminder that my parents always welcome me home)
  • Le Maison De ADPi. No such thing as a key. We had these little plastic cards that had pictures of keys on them that unlocked the front door. We also had to give those back when we moved out of the house.
  • Houston hot house. Pretty sure we made that key without asking, but were nice enough to give it back when I left at the end of my few months there.
  • Virginia humble beginnings abode. There was a key fob for building entry and then a real key to the front door. They inventoried those keys like vultures. So no key.
  • DuPont Roach Hut. Not sure if I will get to keep the key, doubtful.
I do have a growing license plate collection: Idaho, Virginia and I am sure some day DC. I don't have a WA state one since I managed to avoid registering and licensing my car there, but in time I know I will have one for the collection. Maybe I can do something cute with my hubby (whoever he is) and our collected license plates.

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  1. guess who still has a key to our old house? :)