Friday, October 29, 2010

I want this...and this.... and this too.

You know when you tell yourself you are not allowed to do something. And well it does everything but make it easy to not do that something. Instead you start becoming obsessed with whatever you told yourself you couldn't do.

Well with the new place on the horizon and some double rent issues (don't get me started) I told myself no knew clothes for awhile. Well this just resulting me in lusting after this:

 I love the orange cuffs and the green belt! Playful, but adult.
 I would wear this every weekend. E-V-E-R-Y weekend. End of story. (This one is almost affordable for me right now)
 I've been craving a robe to put on in the mornings to get ready and to lounge in on weekends and I love how plush and cozy this one looks. A bonus points that this doesn't look like it belongs on a 90 yr old.
 Um. Yes. Side tie bow. Ballerina-esque.
 Me likey.
This dress has a special place in my lusting heart right now. I adore the neck and waistline, but go to anthro and look at the detail on the top. I want I want I want. Too bad I need a couch :(

All photos and clothing at Anthropologie

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