Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I saw a Kat

Raise your hand if you watched the Real Housewives of DC??

Oh no? Not you? Too good for that?

Well I wasn't. I got hooked. And I thought it was hilarious. Perhaps it was because they were in the city I live in that I was so hooked, but whatever the reason, I loved the DC season.

So the real story. Me and Ems met up one night after work (this was at many rain checks on my behalf) to hit up Hank's Oyster Bar. I had never had Oysters so we started off slow with a glass of wine and then Ems, being the friendly Oregonian that I love starts chatting it up with the bartender. Soon we have a plate of a sampling of oysters. I am not hesitant to trying new food, but I do like to know the proper way to eat it. Luckily I had googled what and how you are to handle an oyster. Long story short.....

I now dream about oysters. I love them. I can not wait to have more and to hit up Hank's again. Especially since they had an outstanding lobster bisque!

So after some more oysters, a few more drinks we are just chatting. I see this familiar blond woman come in with a man and order drinks at the bar. Now for me to see someone who looks "familiar" in DC means one of two things 1) I am going crazy or 2) the world really is that small. But the reality was...I did know her! Well I knew of her. She was KAT. The Kat from Real Housewives. British accent and all. AND she sat right next to me. I was star struck giddy. (You can ask ems about my childish behavior).

I made Ems take a picture. Obviously not with her looking and knowing, so its of her back and my super excited goofy face. But look at that hair and you'll know it was here.

Quite the entertaining evening!

Oh yea, just me and Kat. Eating oysters, being bffs. Ya know. Usual Friday night for me.
I almost peed my pants with excitement. No joke.

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