Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Singing the Blues

So I thought I had made up my mind about paint. But here I am. Still searching for that





Here are some colors I found tonight that have peaked my interest:

I love the top one. (and remember people, it is only one wall). I also love this idea of using the different papers/fabrics in frames to create color.

Any other thoughts from your lovely readers on my color conundrum?

Do I need to just do a light hue? Something more neutral?

Also....who thinks that this

could be done with IKEA Lack floating shelves? I love this idea of a floating desk in my new place. Apparently mounting things to the wall gives a perception of height and space. This desk area is functional, as it houses a computer place and TV place, and without the legs helps keep the space from being too "cluttered". Photo was found on and we are awaiting if the owner of the floating desk is going to post a how-to.

What do we think? Could a Lack shelf do the job??

Any other awesome storage, small space, color, design ideas you have to share please please please send them to me!


  1. Let's try and stay away from blues??? :) Just an opinion. i like the beige and floating desk.

  2. I love the first color, but I was thinking you could paint the top color and incorporate the bottom (with the textures/fabrics) as like a focal point on the wall!