Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Browned Butter and Mizithra Dinner

So while I totally understand that Old Spaghetti Factory (or The Fac. as affectionately called be me and MOH) is generic Americanized Italian food I have a deep, unwavering love for their browned butter and mizithra. Sadly The Fac. does not exist out here on the desolate East coast. Kind of problem when I get a brownedbutterandmitzthrafoodcraving attack. So.... I whipped up my own version of this tasty delight. I figured the ingredients could not be too extensive. So here is it for all of you mizithra devouring individuals such as myself.

Butter (butter is love people)
Wedge of mizithra cheese, grated finely (the only place I have found it here in the DC area is at the Whole Foods on Duke street in Alexandria)
Olive Oil

1) Cook pasta according to package directions. Strain. Toss in a glug of olive oil so the pasta won't stick together if you decide to keep any for left overs.
2) While pasta is cooking, heat a small sauce pan and put in about a 1/4 cup (per person) of butter. Slowly heat the butter until it has browned (yes, it is normal for it to have almost burnt flecks in it, but don't go further than that!)
3) Put pasta in a bowl, drizzle butter on top and sprinkle cheese, toss all together and inhale!

Trust me, not the healthiest meal, but cheap and very very tasty.

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