Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Cheer

A few things to spread some holiday cheer.

First I have share a story about  being the recipient of a random act of kindness. I was at Michael's Arts and Crafts picking up a baking sheet, sprinkles, and craft supplies to attempt a hair piece for my upcoming Holiday Party this past weekend. It was a mad house. The start of holiday shopping, no baskets available, people gawking and clogging isles. I was to my max frustrated and feeling a massive head ache coming on. I was standing looking at some holiday ribbon and this older gentleman comes over to me and in my head I am thinking " I do not have time for this. He places a coupon from an old receipt of his on my pile of things I am struggling to hold on to and says "maybe this will help with purchasing some of your items". It was a 40% off one item coupon! It was so sweet of him! I was stopped dead in my tracks by his thoughtfulness. Needless to say, it really brought into perspective the intention and underlying blessing that this season brings.

Now some images that make me smile. Maybe it is because I have a purple wall now, but I am loving this decorating scheme.

Via Decodir.com

I have always wanted a winter wedding that is just drenched in white and snow. I love some of the features of this table scape and decorating scene:

via apartmenttherapy.com

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