Monday, December 20, 2010

I have never been to Chicago...

but I tend to always end up sitting in O'Hare for what seems like days!!

Today was finally go time to head home to I-Daho for the holidays. I spent a few hours in the office this morning taking care of an interview and some time sensitive issues and then headed home to finish throwing some things in my bad. I headed to the airport early to try to catch an earlier flight out of DC.

**Side cab driver story: I was asked out. Told I would be taken to a very expensive fancy restaurant if I called my driver when I got back to DC. Right....let's just say I didn't keep that business card!!

I made it out of DC early and arrive to is just starting to snow in Chicago.

Then the delays started.

It has spiraled out of control true to holiday travel and now 5.5 hours later they say I might board a plane. Might- being the key word.

Who wants to bet my bag is lost too? Who's exited to wear thier one outift they have with them! YAY!

Someday I will have to visit this city for real. As much as I love the extended periods of time in the airport I hope the next time I am in Chicago it will be to explore!

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