Sunday, April 1, 2012

Paper Chains

I am counting down the days to a few major events. Which is probably one of the things keeping me moving forward right now. DC life is proving to still be rather tough and challenging these days and I am in much  need of a break from the city, my job, and my shoe box of an apartment (that I love- but sometimes just reminds me of a lot of my frustrations of living here).

I may need to attempt to make a really pretty paper chain like the one above! Not sure my paper punch I have is that talented, but it would be cool to have something that pretty to count down the days to some milestones, deadlines, travel plans and exciting things coming up.

Here are some of the upcoming life happenings I am anxiously anticipating:
  • April 11- Due Date of my newest Niece or Nephew! (I can't wait to be an Aunt again and to see Wyatt become a big brother)
  • April 20- Heading to New York for my first time ever with the bf! I can't wait to experience this city for the first time!
  • April 26- Last day of PHR prep class. Scary because that means my studying then becomes my responsibility and the test isn't far away. But will be nice to have my Thursday evenings back and to have gone through the biggest part of the test prep process.
  • May 3- Leaving for Seattle for Brooke and Keene's Wedding. I can not wait to share this day with them and also have a few days in Seattle (I can realllllly use them right now) with my friends. AND the bf is going to come with me, so I am going to get to show him Seattle how I remember it.
  • May 5- Flying to Boise from Seattle to see my family and meet the latest addition. BF is already joking how I may need a tracking device and shocker collar to ensure I get back on the plane to come to DC (the odd are not ever in DC's favor right now (some hunger games for you)).
  • May 31- My Birthday. Eek! Not sure how I feel about this one. 25 was supposed to be a big year. Or always seemed like it would be a big year when I was growing up and thinking about 25. If anything- I feel like it slipped away while I struggled to really enjoy yet another year here in DC. Hopefully with the acquisition of my PHR and some big girl decisions I will have a better year as 26.
I am really fortunate to have all these great things to look forward to! I can not even start to describe how excited I am for my family and my sister to have her second baby. Wyatt has been such a blessing and has revealed to me a love I had not experienced before. I know he is going to be a great big brother and my sister will continue to be an amazing mom.

If anyone has any suggestions for my much anticipated trip to NY I would love to hear them! Today I have been pouring through the travel book I was given and I am just so overwhelmed with all the things to do and see.



  1. wow- you have so many exciting things to look forward to! My list is much more simple: looking forward to getting over this cold and having my voice back... le sigh. I'm so sad I won't be there in Seattle for your visit!

    Here's a list of cheap/free things to do in NY and if you need a break while you're in soho, check out the vanilla scones at harney and son's. also Eataly, but I forgot where that was.

    I'm definitely overmedicated right now so i'm going to go back to sleep before that starts becoming evident in my writing...

  2. Congratulations on becoming an Auntie x2 soon! So excited to see you May 5th! :)

  3. Yay for a visit to Seattle! Hopefully the weather cooperates. While I'm a little bias, I think it's one of the best cities in the country :)