Friday, April 13, 2012

The Waiting Game

There are a lot of statistics out there on how much the average person spends waiting. Waiting for the elevator, the bus, their computer to start up, to cross the street, for their latte, at the airport, for a proposal, for a baby, for a promotion, for a phone call...and you get the picture here. I have read everything from you spend 45 minutes a day waiting to 3 hours depending on how you define "waiting". Normally I don't notice the daily "waiting" that occurs. I tend to simply budget in the time into the activity and just accept it as part of the deal. Lately, I have been an Impatient Ingrid and am antsy about some of those things I mentioned in my post about making a paperchain.

My sister's due date was yesterday, and while I am sure she is becoming much more impatient than I can even imagine, I am ready for that baby!! I have been waking up in the morning and the first thought is "Did I sleep through my phone ringing?!? Did she go into labor?! Is the baby here?!". When my nephew was born, I remember sitting at work and not being able to focus on anything. I finally just had to put my head in my hands and wait for a text/phone call/email to let me know that another member of the clan had entered the world. I am fairly certain I am going to have to go take a walk this time when I get the phone call that says that this baby is on the way. I am excited. Thrilled! To have TWO little people who I get to be an Aunt to. It is a huge honor. It also makes me so excited to get home soon to see my family. I know that my sister is going to need some rest and probably some "me time" so hopefully I can entertain Wyatt for part of the days so she can have a few days without both bebes (and hopefully not bring anymore stress to the adjustment period). I am already planning popsicle making, arts & crafts projects, walks, bike rides, and anything else that kid wants to do with his Auntie. I am also excited to hold a little baby, take in the sweet smell, tiny hands and feet, precious nose and cheeks. Sigh.

Waiting. It is torturous sometimes.

Luckily I have NEW YORK to look forward to and that alone has my excited to no end. It is daunting trying to narrow down how to spend my few days up there. Where to eat, what to see, what to do! This trip seems to be a long time in the making and I am so excited the bf is taking me (and not just bringing me a card like what happened on a notorious valentine's day weekend in a past life) and he gets to be who I experience my first NEW YORK experience with.

Five other (pleasant) things (since waiting isn't always a bad thing) I am waiting for:

  1. The last Twilight movie
  2. Kate Middleton to be pregnant
  3. Boise to get a PaperSource so I can move and work there (just kidding! Or not.)
  4. This dress to go on sale at Nordstrom
  5. To go see this art installation at the Hirshhorn some evening
What are you all waiting for these days? How much time do you think we spend waiting?


  1. Those kiddos are so lucky to have such a fabulous auntie! I am of course waiting for THE BIG DAY so I can move on with "normal" life. And waiting to find out what happens with our current lease. Where will we live next? Waiting for HAWAII! Omg you will LOVE New York! Itzocan in the East Village is where we had one of our top ten meals ever!

  2. It's like you read my mind...I am not patient and hate waiting. I am waiting for finals to pass, graduation to come, le beau to visit for the first time in Boston, to reunite with Bentley...and most of all, to know where I will be living and working so I can start making some longer-term plans. I hope you have so much fun in NYC...I went there for the first time in January and had a blast.
    xo Lisa