Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Evening Stroll

Having a consultant for a boyfriend ( or is it a boyfriend who is a consultant :)?) can be really hard, and emotionally trying. There are a lot of nights and evening of wishing they weren't traveling and a lot of worrying about them when they are traveling. Needless to say, having someone who understands the perspective of a consultant SO can be really comforting.

A, not only understands it, she knows exactly what I am feeling most of the time, as our consultant boyfriends work together. A and I also work together, doubling the understanding part of our friendship. She has been such a supportive, understanding and caring person to have in my life. As time goes on, I know our friendship runs deep and I truly enjoy the time we spend together ( even at work). Now past the sappy part....

On Sunday, both our CSOs had left for work trips, leaving both of us a little blue. Thinking I had who ho hum night of watching TLC, I was excited to get a gchat from A asking if I to walk around Meridian Hill Park.

We met up 15 minutes later to stroll this beautiful DC park, listen to the drummers, and then went to the newish Pleasant Pops store to get some pre-dinner dessert.

While I did take my big girl camera, I sadly didn't check the battery, so I only got one photo before it died! It was a beautiful fall evening, complete with a poodle!