Friday, November 30, 2012

I Wish I Had A Mouse in my Brain

Or a mini monkey. Perhaps a possum? (No those are gross looking) Small bunny perhaps. I guess anything that could take notes on my thoughts when I am walking to work and could then send me a memo later in the day so I could remember all those brilliant, hilarious and perfectly worded blog ideas I had.

I had inspiration hit for a post today when I was like 2 blocks away from work. I kept chanting the post title as I walked into the building, rode the elevator and walked to my office. Then I was bombarded. When I finally could sit down with a notepad to document the inspiration. Poooof! Gone. Like a fart in the breeze. No way to recover it. (Unlike the fart, I wanted to hold on to this thought). All I remember is something to do with the idea of when do you fully commit to a relationship. I mean obviously, no one puts all their cards on the table (or rather shows their partner all their cards) before they are sure that they want them to be involved in their game of poker. That moment. When is it? When is it appropriate? When is it way past the point when both parties should be doing that. (Ahhh, yes. It is all coming back to me now). I'll get this into another post for another day. Meanwhile, if anyone knows were I can buy a small animal to put in my head that will help me remember all these brilliant thoughts, let me know. I am in the market to purchase one.

In other remember news. I dug out my few Christmas decorations I have ( a few more purchased this year from trusty ol' IKEA) and spent a few hours last night hanging garlands, lights and ornaments around my room (remember I only have 415 sq feet) to ringing in my favorite time of year. I resurrected my Christmas Camel I bought last year at Mount Vernon, put out my sequined squirrel my sister bought me a few years ago. I named him Nibblet. I woke up this morning, and was so thrilled to see all the festivity going on in my small space. I can't tell you how excited I am to get home this year (and never ever come back...ok not really, but one could wish) and get my Christmas on.

Perhaps someone will buy me my mini head bunny that I need this year!

How does everyone else stay organized and on top of making sure their blogspiration doesn't just slip on out of their heads?

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  1. I can definitely relate to losing great ideas! I keep a folder on my iPhone with random snippets of things I think I could flesh out into entries, or I email myself with my other "brilliant thoughts." Sometimes that's not possible -- or I don't want to whip my phone out in mixed company -- so things inevitably slip through the cracks. But could be a good way to keep track of your brainstorms!

    Thanks for the blog visit today! It's always nice to find folks in the D.C. area. I live in Southern Maryland -- about 40 minutes from downtown. (Without traffic. Which, you know, never happens.)