Monday, November 5, 2012

Never Long Enough

How is it that 5 days of work always seems like a month and two days of weekend seems like 15 minutes?

Other things that never last long enough (but perhaps because I just love them so much!) are my Toms. I can usually wear through a pair of Toms in about 6 months flat, but I somehow stretched the life of my current pair for exactly a year. These ones went to Turkey with me, survived the holidays in Idaho, a whole DC summer and a good chunk of fall this year. Sadly, they have finally bit the dust! Past the normal holes I wear in the toes and heels, I wore a hole in the BOTTOM!!!

Not much one can do once you have worn a whole like that in the botton! So to the trash they went.
I already miss them. My shoe selection is pretty much Toms-less at this point, and it breaks my heart!
Last night I started dreaming about what new pair of Toms I would like to add to my shoe collection. I found a lot more than just Toms that I want!
I am really liking these Toms though, not sure I could pick if I had to:

I also got a little carried away and found some other shoes I wouldn't mind getting my feet into.

These come in so many fun colors! A perfect weekend shoe (that maybe would keep me from wearing out my Toms so quickly!).
My boat shoes that I also got for our Turkey trip are on their last legs, and I am torn between a few different replacements to mix it up.

I also found this pair:
Love. Lust. Want.
The grey and cranberry colors are so perfect. I just die every time I look at them!

 Which pair would you pick for me to replace my beloved Toms?

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  1. I am personally lusting after those gold top-siders something fierce!! But I also love the Supergas!