Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cake Art

It has been awhile since there has been any wedding inspiration around these parts. That baking binge I was on for awhile required my attention to be focused on recipes and different kinds of cheese (but more on that later). A slow afternoon allowed me to stumble across a NY Magazine article showing cakes that were inspired by art. Considering some cakes can end up being a monstrosity of fondant, pipping and embellishments, these were refreshing, and would add a touch of personality to the big day.

( via NYMag)

Another cake that really caught my eye lately had nothing to do with weddings, but the flavor and frosting looked amazing.Not to mention the mini marzipan animals were too cute. It was featured in an issued of Martha Stewart Living (oh Martha, be still my heart) a few months ago, and every time I flip through the article I think how I need to try to make the basic cake recipe but also how I need a lot of money, a swanky place to hold a one year olds birthday, and a one year old!

(All images from the Martha Stewart Living October 2012 Issue)

Anyone else dying to have those little animals on a cake. So cute. I love.