Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I have been feeling pretty peepish these days.
What is peepish you say?
Well watch the first part of this. It may illustrate "peepish" for you.
So clearly I have felt like I am expanding. You know how it goes. It gets colds. You get cuddly. I just get cuddly by packing on warmth with my own layers rather than sweaters!
After our Utah Thanksgiving and three days of skiing (more on this later!) I felt pretty good about well I did on the slopes. The few days of activity doing something I love really got me motivated to get to running.
I've been pretty good in getting to the gym after work and putting on down some miles each night. It is amazing how quickly any glimmer of being in shape can disappear if you don't keep up your routine. Luckily, I am getting my legs under me, and each run feels better and better! Hopefully with more skiing around the corner I will keep motivated and will defeat that microwaved peep feeling!

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