Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ballet Fashion and Reading

I love anything ballerina themed: parties, movies, cakes, art, and clothes. I could get suckered into buying just about anything if it looks like a tutu or leg warmers. Ruche just released a look book all ballerina and all me recently. I can't tear my eyes away from these awesome images!

I love a soft grey and pale pink paired together. Timeless and classic. Also love that high necked meshy white leotard! Classy look!

Love the stripes, but more so love the meeting or urban and classical here. Pointe shoes meet concrete. My hearts goes lubdub.

Red shoes (nice historical tip of the hat if you ask me). Tulle skirt. Glitter. Low knotty bun. Yes. Yes. And some more yes.

In other dance related news I have started reading Apollo's Angels looking at the social history of dance. I saw this book almost two years ago now, and I am just not getting it on my reading list. In the first 35 pages it has given me more to think about regarding ballet than I have mulled over in a long time. It is a meaty read. Not really leisure reading. Thought provoking and educational. If you like that sort of thing when it comes to dance.

(Also when I took French in high school I went through a few years were I would spell danse. How refined of me!)