Sunday, January 27, 2013


Last week I was looking at all those beautiful photo montages that all the cool-kid bloggers are doing. Ya know, the ones with the circles, that look all cute and polished? Well I thought, how hard can that be!

Well it can be kind of hard. Or maybe I am just missing something easy here?

I am using Gimp over here trying to make some of those circle thingys. I made one. As you can see from my previous post. Naturally, I forgot to bookmark the tutorial that helped me make that one. So now I am stuck with a bunch of cropped circle images, that all have solid backgrounds!!??! What the heck! I. am. so. frustrated!

Anyone else out there use Gimp for photo editing and cropping things like this for their blog? Anyone have any other suggestions on how to up my blogging game? Or suggestions of where I can get a no-frills crash course in Gimp?? (Before I pull out all of my hair!)


  1. I think your design in the last post was darling! I used to have GIMP, but it took up too much space on my HD, especially since I wasn't using it so good for you for actually using it! I've seen a lot of gimp tutorials online. I'm sure you'll be able to find more!

  2. Thanks Erica! Your comment made me feel like those hours of fumbling around with Gimp were worth it! Luckily, last night I had a breakthrough and figured out what I was doing wrong with my images! I hopefully will have some cute posts coming out soon!!