Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Day I Got Flowers At Work

Coming back to reality here in DC is always rough. It is ugly to say the least. Lots of tears, lots of moody moments, lots of wanting to be hugged one moment and not wanting to see another human ever again the next.

Where it gets really bad? When I come back from my home. You better believe I am one hot mess of a human being from the moment I wake up on the day I leave, to weeks after getting back to DC.

Sometimes I get embarassed just thinking about the poor souls who have ended up sitting next to me on the plane while I hiccupped, gasped and cried my eyes out for the long flight back here.

Coming back from Idahome this time around I ended up flying into DC pretty late on Sunday night. I had to take a shuttle from the airport which took forever.

I was so sleep deprieved on Monday and I had a ton going on at work, so I was almost numb to the saddness that I knew would sink in soon enough.

I was running around all morning getting new employees all settled in,answering hundreds of emails, saying my hellos to co-workers and trying to catch up on three weeks of work! Early in the afternoon I got an email saying that I had a delivery downstairs at the front desk. Not thinking much about it, I took the elevator down and asked for my delivery.

Our front desk looks over and there on the counter of the desk is a beautiful boquet of FLOWERS!

The bf was so thoughtful and sent me these beautiful flowers to help ease me into DC life and to put some pep in my step.


  1. flowers at work are the BEST!
    they really should be a daily occurrence

    xo the egg out west.

    1. They really should! My office was so colorful and welcoming! Thanks for wandering over to my little space! I am excited to check out your blog!

  2. Such a sweet surprise! I love how flowers can really brighten a day tenfold.