Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Perfect Conversation...With Yourself

Who has those moments of pure inspiration? The perfectly crafted dialogue where you say what is exactly on your mind. You aren't overly wordy. You are well-spoken, witty in all the right places, serious enough to let someone know you mean business, and you finish the conversation getting your point across and the other person understanding exactly where you are coming from.

I have these conversations all the time in my head when I am doing idle tasks. In the shower, brushing my teeth, drying my hair, waiting for the the coffee to brew, walking. 

I walk home a lot, and those 20 or so minutes can bring about some of the most inspired conversations in my head.

Ok, so I am walking home the other day, having this pointed, confrontational conversation that is going so well. In my head I am thinking "Wow, yea! That is a great point Andrea! Remember that to use in real conversation!" and "Wooo, you go! You say it! Say it how you feel!"

Then it happened....

In this fake conversation where I was saying all the right things. I said the most brutally honest thing I could have possibly said. It hung there. My words to this other person that was in my head at the time. I froze. The tears started to prickle behind my eyes, and I started booking it to my apartment. 

Well I said it alright....and now it is hanging there. This unfinished conversation in my head where I know I said everything right, and true....and really really scary. 

Needless to say....I have been walking with my brain turned off. Listening to music. Going over to-do lists in my head. Keeping my head busy. You know...trying not to go completely crazy :) since I am clearly halfway there.

Where do you find you conversation inspiration? My friend and co-worker finds hers while brushing her teeth. I also know someone who has her brilliant conversations when she is running

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