Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Fall Whomp Whomps

I have been some sort of ill for almost two months now. Seriously. It just hasn't let up.

Before heading off for the wedding palooza I came down with something that lingered the entire trip. Then upon arriving home I went into a full-blown illness complete with a hacking cough that made my brain hurt. I still have that cough on and off. To top it all off, Monday I ended up dragging myself to one of those emergency walk-in medical clinics as I was having back and side pain coupled with a fever the the shakes like no other. I am now on day five of a ten day course of antibiotics. All the meanwhile, starting a new job. Let's just say this hasn't been my finest fall. Luckily, I am finally feeling a bit better today and on the mend, but I've still got five days of doctors orders of laying low (no gym, no glass of red wine, no massive amounts of dairy and lots of sleep). Some years you just get all the luck huh?

There have been a few things that have been keeping me in good spirits despite feeling a little crappy. First off, can we just say n-e-w j-o-b. That adjustment is always hard, but when you feel proud of yourself for landing a job you really wanted, you feel pretty darn good waking up every day and turning on your computer. (That 2 minute commute to my "office" doesn't hurt either!). Also, did I mention that I got the second highest score on a post-training test?? AND I was in a training class with people who had been at the company for years! So what-what! Rockin-it!

I also brought these beauties home last weekend from my beloved Trader Joes.

They really make me smile. So much so, that I was thinking that I should challenge myself to have flowers around at least once each month. Kind of a twelve bouquets challenge for the year. 

I also cooked something. Amazing, considering I could hardly bend over to reach our pots and pans we store in the lower cabinets. I wanted to try a fresher-than-canned-soup chicken noodle soup. While it wasn't amazing, it was pretty good. It certainly tasted better than anything coming out of a can, and boasted a ton of fresh chicken, and tons of fresh veggies. I'll take it as a win.

Let's just hope I am on the up-swing of all this illness now!

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