Friday, October 11, 2013

These Are Some of My Favorite Things

Phew! It has been awhile since we've done of these around here! I feel like I have a million things that have caught my eye since the last Favorite Things post, so I'll give it a shot to capture them all for your enjoyment! I apologize since I would love to source where I hear about some of these, but I can not remember most of the sources!

- I want to be married to a man who writes a song for me. May sure you have a kleenex for that one!

- Photos that show how things used to be always capture my eye. 

- The sorority girl in me runs deep and I get really amazed when I see beautiful houses like this and this absurd renovation. 

-I am still loving all thing Royal Baby, and I've been secretly wishing I wore nail polish simply for these. 

-Whole Foods is great, but also makes me laugh, so when this started floating around I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

- My love of IKEA is no secret, and when this finally hits US stores, I will certainly be carting out armloads to stash with my multitude of paper products. 

-On my love of paper products, this store is calling my name. I could do some purchasing damage. 

-Good thoughts on dating a man vs. a boy. 

-I've gone to two anthros to buy this, and haven't found it at either. I may be developing an unhealthy obsession on looking at it everyday. 

- When I was home I bought myself a Lit & Co. candle (the white tea scent) and I am obsessed! It makes my "office" smell amazing. 

- On my "funemployment", even while it was an epic failure, I focused on tackling some things that fit into this list pretty well. Really focusing on my gmail inbox these days.  

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