Friday, October 4, 2013

Funemployment Gone Wrong

Guys what is my deal?!? Pulling out the ipad or laptop to blog is pulling teeth these days. I don't even have the excuse of time since I am enjoying funemployment and all. Speaking of funemployment, it is supposed to be fun...hence not tracking down a hefty chest cold and wishing that you had stronger mess than just Tylenol flu to put you into a cough induced coma.

So these 5 days of enjoyment and productivity have been thwarted by my desire and need to be asleep most of the day. Or watching tv while I hack up a lung. I didn't move from bed until NOON today. Sigh. Such a waste. Luckily, I scheduled a massage (my first one ever!) for myself for this evening, and we are going to see if I can rally long enough for dinner with the BF.

I did get some productive things done. Li

  • Starting a clean out of my gmail inbox. After 2000 emails I needed a break but hopefully another spurt of cleaning will happen and it will get done.
  • Getting my like-clockwork jury summons. Sigh.
  • Watched maintenance plug up holes in our kitchen with steel wool and caulk, and then have the exterminator come and set like 9000 traps that are just begging to snap on one of my toes.
  • And went on a shopping adventure to treat myself to a few new pieces for this work from home environment I am going to be adjusting to. I came home empty handed.

Not my finest 3 days.

I hope this is the end of this chest cold, and tomorrow I feel worlds different so I can have a productive and FUN Saturday and half of Sunday before I start this new job!

Just maybe I will find some motivation to get some more posts up too!