Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Parsnip Soup

I haven't been eating very well lately. I also have totally fallen off my working schedule. Partly because I did something to my knee skiing a few weeks ago, so I've been trying to take it easy. There has been a lot of pasta, and cheesy things being consumed. 

Tonight I wanted something will lots of veggies. Something light, and also quick and easy (since I was dining solo). A salad was my first inclination, but being January and all- I wanted something cozier. 

Months and months ago the BF and I shared a bowl of creamy parsnip soup at a local restaurant, and it was so good, I have been thinking about it since then.

Browsing a few recipes I found a recipe for Potato, Carrot and Parsnip soup.

It hit the spot! I halved the recipe, didn't use as much 1/2 & 1/2, and increase the amount of parsnip, and ended up with a really tasty soup that was quick, easy and delish!

Check it out if you need a quick weeknight dinner! 

While we are on the subject of soups...anyone have their own recommendations? I personally love a pureed soup, or lentils! 
I am not sure I could have taken a more unappetizing photo! This does NOT do it justice! But let's all have a laugh at my lame photography, since I was in such a rush to eat my bowl of soup!

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