Friday, January 10, 2014

There's No Place Like Home...for a Wedding.

A bit belated, but nonetheless less finally recapping the final part of the weddingpalozza that was my September. After being home for a few days I flew it to meet the BF in Kansas City to attend the wedding of our friends who we knew through a larger group of friends, but the groom had also been an apartment mate of the BFs.

I had an early flight and ended up needing a nap once we got settled into our hotel. The hotels that everyone was staying at we located on a central plaza like area that had a bunch of restaurants, bars and shops. After getting a good nap in, we refreshed and headed to there rehearsal dinner at a nearby Italian place. It was really fun to be included in the rehearsal dinner and having some time with friends. After dinner people headed to a bar close by. It was a neat bar (with a sleezyster guy there who would make your skin crawl) and an easy walk back to the hotel once we were too tired for anything more.
The next morning we want to see a bit of Kansas City, so we drove around a bit and found one of the nearby art museums that had some amazing sculptures outside.
Then we got down to business... Barbecue. Oklahoma Joes, completely a two hour wait, and approximately 20 minutes to scarf down the food before racing to not miss the wedding.
It was worth it. I think I probably smelled like barbecue at the wedding, and some friends of ours may or may not have snuck down the side isle moments before the bride made her entrance, but it was worth it. It was so good!

The reception was at a really neat modern art gallery and before the bride and groom got there we wandered the exhibit. Walking into the main exhibit I looked around and said "these photos are in Idaho!". Sure enough, and Idaho based photography exhibit, which was beautiful.

The wedding was a blast, complete with one of the best wedding cakes I have ever had.
The next morning we set out for St. Louis, as the BF had the thought to knock out seeing a few ballparks while we were in that part of the country. We made in just in time to watch the game.

After the game we went on a little walk just to see some of the area around our hotel and the ball park.
We decided to go up in the arch the next day as it was getting kind of late. So we went back to our hotel, changed and then headed to "the hill" to track down some Italian. We ate more than I could handle. Fresh pasta, chicken parm, soft fresh bread, and carbonara for days.
The next morning we did the Arch. It felt strange to be back, as I remember when I saw it on my move to DC, I thought how it could be ten of more years before I would be back. Butt here we were, five years later, looking at that arch thinking about the drive to the East. Funny how things can come full circle at times.
I forgot how teeny tiny those little capsules are that you ride up in. You can't think too much about it or you get a little queasy.

The views make it worth that kind of scary ride. When you are up there, and thinking about the fact that you are standing inside the top of the arch, you feel pretty amazing about it.
After that we piled into the car, found some lunch, saw a glimpse of WashU (and Brookings Boulevard, HA!) and then headed back to catch a Kansas City Royals game.
This ballpark was amazing. So different from most, complete with Vegas style water features and "crown vision" and their jumbotron.
It was a really fun game and a great end to our time in Kansas and Missouri.
We flew home the next morning, and then I catapult into the next phase of my life, and put in my two weeks notice. What a memorable ending to an awesome extended trip!

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