Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A San Diego Wedding

My friend, sisterwife, sister (ADPi!), a million other things got engage to her lobster and asked me to stand by her side on her wedding day (one of life's most amazing privileges). Her wedding took place on a stunning April in San Diego at the Scripps Seaside Forum and while the weather was stunning, the bride and her groom were a vision.

I shed more than a few tears through the weekend and was so crazy happy for both of them as they started this new chapter of their lives. Abiding by my philosophy that a photographer is hired for a reason on a wedding day, I didn't take too many of my own photos because I want to be emotionally present to soak up all of the love and wonderfulness of the day, but I did capture a few wonderful moments.

We stayed at Hotel La Jolla  and getting to do my half day of work from our balcony was bliss. This clouds were a bit unsettling early in the day, but we all knew it was going to turn out to be a stunning day. 
This stunning view from her reception site was too much to handle. My jaw dropped at the stunning background. 
Getting ready was so much fun! It was relaxed, well organized and was wonderful to get to spend time with the bride before her life changed forever. There were some really sweet touching moments, and I almost cried off all of my makeup when she put on her dress and her sister was helping her. And watching her read the card from her soon-to-be-husband was so touching, and I couldn't help but sniffle a bit as I watched her face read the words her groom had written. 
The blue skies showed up for the wedding as we had all crossed our fingers for, and went the moment came, we were all so excited for her and Eric. 

A funny story included in this:My isle partner was a guy that I knew back from Junior High and High School in Boise. While that is just a small world, to really add to it- he had been a MAJOR crush of mine and so I couldn't help but laugh as I "got to walk down the isle with Ross"! AND, you think I'm done, but I'm not. My first boyfriend, my first KISS, was also at this wedding (not Ross), whom I hadn't seen in almost 10 years- which was a trip. Trying coming outside to find your current boyfriend talking to your first boyfriend/fist kiss. I am still laughing about it. 

The reception and dancing were a blast, and there was a photo booth that captured some really hilarious moments with some of my favorite people and sisters from college. 

All of my humorous moments aside- this day was so special. Sara has been one of the people that had made me understand the true, deep, never-ending meaning of friendship. While we are bonded by our sorority ties and oaths- the relationship I have with her enriches my life beyond descriptive words. Being asked to be a part of her and Eric's wedding was an honor and as I stood and watched them exchange vows and rings, my heart burst with love as am I so incredibly happy she has found someone to share her life with. It was a stunning wedding for a stunning couple who radiate love for each other. And while this is a belated post- Congratulations Sara & Eric!

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