Monday, October 12, 2015

Cobbler Mountain Cellars

Wine tasting is a favorite weekend activity and while we have a few favorite haunts (see: Three Fox Vineyards), we keep our google searches active in search of any other dog friendly places. While I can't remember what exactly directed me to their website, I stumbled upon Cobbler Mountain Cellars that looks lovely, dog-friendly, and....serving wine & CIDER. (!!!)

We quickly adjusted our GPS and drove to the property which welcomes you through a lovely rugged drive and then opens up to a stunning retreat on a hilltop.

The wine is decent; but the CIDER. Oh man, the CIDER! Go! Go Now! Try the Original Jeffersonian, Ginger Peach, Original Honey (yes! yes!) and Kickin' Cinnamon. You will not be sorry and you'll leave with a few bottles...I guarantee it.

I love that the cider isn't overly sugary- and is all about the true, natural apple flavor. It will make you snobby about most of the stuff you can get in the grocery store.

In addition to the amazing cider. The views!

Also, can we talk about the Stanley face? This was the weekend before his first haircut and I loved his muppet look. Granted he was a matted ball of fluff- but gosh was he cute!

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