Monday, October 19, 2015

These Are Some of My Favorite Things

♥ I am still on this binge of thinking about how I can get rid of my "stuff" and this article really hit home. I honestly cleaned out a drawer I'd been meaning to tackle. 

♥ I love Anna Kendrick and I love Kate Spade. Fun Fact: if a movie is ever made about my life I'd probably ask for Anna to be cast as me.

♥ Where was this when I was in college? Oh wait...actually more useful now as an adult and living in a sketch-ier city. Brilliant. Bravo developers!

♥ I love watching Fixer Upper, and I loved this insight into their own "fixer upper".

♥ I am new to this Podcast business. I finally listened to Serial; but I've also gotten hooked on this gem. 

♥ N is from New Mexico; and this photo from the Balloon Fiesta this year has me aching to go.

♥ While I don't love Walmart, I have to say, there are few things in the Pioneer Woman's collection that I wouldn't mind having. Like this, these, and a few of these.

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