Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Good and Bad of it All.

What Andrea did today that was bad:

  • Slept way way way too much
  • Wore flip flops all day when she knows it will make her back and knees hurt
  • Drank her calories with her first pumpkin spice latte of the season
  • Bought way way way too many clothes

Andrea did today that was good:

  • Got lots and lots of sleep
  • Wore a sundress and flip flops for probably one of the last times this year
  • Had her first delish pumpkin spice latte of the season
  • Bought some new clothes that I can't wait to wear!

What Andrea purchased:

  •        The usual makeup, shampoo/conditioner, more beauty stuff, new black flats that have a big poufy flower on the toe, long purple tunicish shirt to be paired with other purchase today or black leggings.
  •       Hottness blue plaid skirt, white ruffle tank to go with skirt, grey cardigan to get with said skirt and tank. Grey long shirt that should look great with either jeans or black pants. Also purchased slacks on an impulse on the way to check out. Must return.
       Old Navy
  •        Pink button down, two camis and pair of skinny jeans that we are still feeling a bit scared to wear in public. Not sure if I have lost enough weight to really pull them off.
        Barnes and Noble
  •         Book three in the bride quarter series by Nora Roberts. These are my total guilty pleasures right now. Mallory gave me the first two as a thank you after her trip to DC (Thanks Mal! I demolished them within days of starting!) The fourth book doesn't release for a few more months but if you want a nonsense read to get your mind off real life...these are them!
So yes I spent entirely too much money today but I think my clothing purchases are things I will wear a lot and well needed. (Retail therapy also helps me de-stress too :) )

My Saturday was very enjoyable with my first trip to Baked and Wired (yum!), slept (some more), cooked some healthy food (something besides my microwave or mac n' cheese dinners) and watched some college football. (Sad day UW. YAY Idaho!)

I am nowhere even emotionally ready for tomorrow. But I guess after all the money I spent this weekend I need to go to work to pay for it all. Hopefully this is the week things really slow down for me. I could use a solid week of leaving the office at 6 and getting to come home and do things I enjoy!

Hope all you lovely readers had a fabulous weekend!

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  1. This is inspiring. Your new purchases sound awesome. I just bought some stuff at JC Penney that might have been bad choices. Now I'm thinking I should at least blog about them!