Saturday, September 18, 2010

If I Had the Time

Catching up reading my favorite blogs and came across this posting at MansionMogul . Brooke is such a creative person and I am so impressed with her baking, crafting, homemaking, photograpahy and all around awesomness. Anyways to make my own list of things I would love to do in the next few weeks:

1) Bake something incredible and new (I really want to make a two tiered cake with different colored fondant polka dots and make a cute little pennant banner to hang over the top of the cake)
2) Spend a weekend afternoon laying in a park with a good book, cheese, baguette, savory cured meat and good company and enjoy that lack of humidity and sunshine.
3) Scrapbook. I have a million photos accumulating and no time to do anything with them!
4) Go explore Great Falls some weekend while the weather is perfect!
5) Make homemade mac n' cheese
6) Get a pedicure and a massage
7) Plan a dinner or brunch with friends
8) Get custard and the dairy godmother. There are some good flavors on the agenda!

1 comment:

  1. Woo shout out! :) I hope you get to do all these thing. Also you have to blog about it if you make that mac n' cheese!