Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It’s been a case of the 3’s

Does anyone else starting counting when bad things start happening? Things seem to always come in threes (when it rains it pours).

Well the round of “3” all start the morning after the 4th of July. I woke up and needed to go move my car. I walk out to the Nanny Wagon and she has a flat tire on the rear driver’s side. Ironically I had just become aware that I no longer have a jack the day before so naturally I would get a flat. Well I didn’t have time to deal with the issue so I left the car and just walked home. After work I set out in the awful DC heat and called AAA to come put the spare on. I was quoted an hour response time. Well it was about 2 hours later. Which also resulted in over 40 mosquito bites on my legs!!
The guy changes my tire and says “you have a gash in your side wall”. Sigh.
Next step was taking the car out to a Midas (you live you learn right?) in Alexandria. They tell me it was a small little thing, fix the tire and I get an oil change. I sail out of there whistling a happy tune thinking all is fine and dandy.
Oh how optimistic of me! I had only reached problem numero uno!
Backtrack/Sidestory. A1-1-1 had gone down to IKEA with me earlier that weekend to pick up a new dresser since my $70 investment from almost three years ago finally had seen its last days. I got the dresser home, started assembling and then find that the top has a crack about 3-4 inches long and all the way through the wood (yes a REAL wood IKEA piece of furniture). We ended up putting together most of the dresser and then decided to drive down to IKEA at a later date.
Well when we decided to go to IKEA we walk out to my car and low and behold. Tire is flat. Again.
Shoot me.
I flip out. In the way that I do best which is cry, swear that the world is out to get me and try to throw in the towel on life. Luckily I was talked down from my ledge and we start forming a plan of attack to deal with what I thought was issue #2.
We drive out to a Mr. Tire in Arlington and drop the wagon off for them to look at the tire and determine if it can be repaired. At this point I have no idea if the Midas just didn’t do anything or what the deal was. So we run some errands and then venture home in the oppressive heat that we have going on here in DC.
I get a call later from Mr. Tire that the tire can not be repaired. Sigh. You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding.
Here is where it gets really good. I have no idea if this is issue #2 or #3 at this point. So my car is all wheel drive. Ok. So to replace one tire is has to be an exact match to the other tires. AND if you have drive more than a certain percentage (Oh say 30,000 mile in driving between Texas and then moving to the lEast Coast) then you have to replace all 4 tires. Oh goodness. In addition to the tires I am told that my front right axel joint is completely ripped open and there is zero lube left and they basically made it sound like I was going to die if I drove the car. I’magirlandidon’tknowthesethingswhichiswhyineedamaninmylife.
So I get a quote for everything needed. I decide to have them fix the axel and then I was going to go get the car and try to go to Costco and see if they have the exact matching tire.
Fast forward. Pick the car up after its axel surgery. She did very well and made a full recovery. Which is a damn good thing considering I emptied my checking account to pay for her costly operation!
At Costco some guys take a look at the tire and determine…..

they can fix it!

Amen. A stroke of luck finally.

The repair the tire, get her back on the car and we waltz out not paying a dime. Which only reaffirms my love for Costco and now my allegiance to buying tires there from this point forward. Thanks Arlington Costco tire guys….you were the best!

So far so good- the tire is looking to be holding up. The wagon has some new oil, a new axel joint, and a lot of TLC over the past few days.
Let’s just say I am done with car issues for awhile. Thankyouverymuch.
And I ate a string cheese, applesauce, raisins and a left over taco for dinner tonight. Dear Wagon, You have sucked the marrow from my financial bones. Sincerely, Your Owner.

And now it is WAY past my budgeted bedtime tonight.

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  1. I hate car trouble! So glad that it sounds like you (and your car) are alright now. keeping my fingers crossed that that's the last of your tire adventures!