Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wyatt Turns Two with a Big Surprise!

This is going to be a long post so bear with me here! I promise it is totally worth it since there are going to be photos of Wyatt—who we all know is the cutest kid to ever grace the planet.

The plot behind this post goes back a few months. When I was starting to think about my 25th birthday I knew I wanted to do something just for me. My nephew is born just a short bit after me and since I have missed some major milestones I figured how great it would be to celebrate his 2nd birthday with him as a gift to myself. I started talking to my parents, located a plane ticket, requested the time off and kept my sister totally in the dark. I had some great conversations with my sister for weeks on end where I would ask her about plans for Wyatt’s birthday and she kept being like “I am not doing the big production this year…yadda yadda yadda.” Luckily I learned to end conversations before I started giggling because I am horrible and lying! So this went on for weeks. My parents and I were super selective about who we told, just in the off chance word got to Nicole and would blow my surprise.

So I left on a very early Wednesday morning from Baltimore. Luckily I was so tired I actually slept most of the way from Baltimore to Denver and then was able to read from Denver to Boise. My lovely mom was there to greet me and we got to run errands together and spend some mommy and me time together. Luckily no one else realized that in the daze of getting dressed for my 4am shuttle to the airport I had put my yoga pants on inside out. HA! Good thing it wasn’t horribly noticeable!

After running a few errands to prep for our drive and stay up in Sun Valley (yes, the greatest place in the world- but please don’t go—we don’t want anyone else to know how amazing it is. It is like a secret and gift for people who live in Idaho). Wow just typing Sun Valley makes my heart tell my stubborn heart that it is time to go home. I love that place more than I can ever express. I digress.

We head home and I get to see my dad and the poodle.



I know. He is so cute you are jealous. Not to mention he is a love bug and probably one of the sweetest dogs. (well besides when he retracts his toenails while he is on a food mission).

After we got the car packed up we headed out of Boise to drive up to SV. We stopped for chicken fajita pitas, which sends me into a childhood memory state with each bite.

After 2.5 hours in the car with some of the most amazing scenery I have ever seen in my life, we rolled into Sun Valley. Just to put this in perspective…the sky is so full of stars up in Sun Valley it looks like someone staged it. And it was so chilly I had to wear a fleece. I was in heaven.

We devised a plan for the next morning to surprise Nicole and Wyatt.

In the morning we got up early and headed down to my sister’s house. My parents let me off a few houses away from hers and they went up and parked and went into the house. I did some ninja roles through the grass. Army crawled in front of their house and got to the front door without being seen. I called her and asked her to check the front porch since “FedEx had confirmed that they had delivered” Wyatt’s birthday present to her home. (Never mind the fact that NOTHING gets delivered to residences in Sun Valley Idaho). But luckily she fell for it.She threw open the door while she was on the phone telling me that Mom and Dad has just arrived and then BAM! there I was….standing on her front porch. There were some sorority like squeals, tears and Wyatt clapping and look confused by the commotion.

It was one of the best surprises I think I have ever pulled off! I will never forget Nicole’s face! It was worth the weeks and weeks of not being able to tell her that I was going to see her and Wyatt in just a few short weeks every time I talked to her.

We got some time with Wyatt and Nicole before work and school and then we all parted ways. My Dad treated me and my Mom to a delish breakfast at Java.

Later that afternoon we all got to play with Wyatt and see him ride his bike and go “cruisin”.




Poodle checking out the back yard.

Later that night Jon fired up the BBQ for a delish dinner of pork with his Mom, my parents, Nicole, Jon and Wyatt. Wyatt got to open some birthday presents (since it was his actual birthday) and wow remind me to turn two!


Grandpa picked out a bike for him that popped a wheelie and played some awesome music that I am sure will drive mom crazy in the next few months. This may have in fact been the favorite birthday present this year! DSCN3899

Sheer Joy


Go bike go!


So in love.

After the initial love-at-first sight with the bike we knew the other presents had a tough act to follow. All gifts were opened with one hand on the bike and a subtle interest in whatever mom showed him had been unwrapped next.


Checking out his new book….

Which in Idaho could only be about…..


We found the bubble maker slightly interesting…


Grandma is fostering his musical side…


Nicole (mom) got him a rake, shovel and hoe set so he can help with yard work. Wyatt wanted to eat dinner using his shovel and his new truck fork. We ate a lot of “dirt” (said in a little kid deep voice)


Wyatt’s other grandma got him a great sleeping bag that he immediately grabbed a pillow and snuggled right in to get “cosy”


And what is better than a brand new kid sized sleeping bag??

Oh you guessed it…


A sleeping bag AND a bike!

Just when we didn’t think it could get any better Jon has Wyatt open a BIG truck! When Wyatt saw the size of the wheel on his new John Deere I thought his smile was going to jump off his face! He was so excited.



The truck is so big that Wyatt quickly figured out how to ride it!

After awhile Wyatt retired to bed and the adults stayed up and celebrated Wyatt’s 2nd year and my 25th!

My parents spoiled me with some amazing birthday presents. I got some great new tops and a skirt for work and then….


I opened my very own BIG GIRL CAMERA!! She is so special! I am so excited to learn how to use her and start showing you all some amazing pictures on this blog!

That was day 1 of my fabulous Idaho trip! Writing all that made me realize I have so many fun/wonderful/treasured memories from this trip! I can’t wait to tell you all more and show off some more photos of my darling nephew!