Sunday, July 17, 2011


It was stunning out today. I started the day with a three mile run. Sustained my first blister from the new pair of shoes and successfully bled all over them. Yuck. After that I whipped a fruit smoothie with a few kale leaves thrown in for good measure. After showering and watching some food network I headed out to Buzz Bakery in Alexandria (one of my favorite places to hang out) and put in about 2 hours of GMAT studying. I then headed over to King Street so I could check out the Gap and Nine West outlet stores. I also took the Nikon along to practice with what I learned from the Pioneer Woman yesterday and shot the above two shoots. Again...nothing amazing. But progress. Perhaps.

After old town I headed to Target to pick up some of the apartment essentials and a random shirt I saw. Then I swung into Old Navy, found a clearance pair of summer sandals and then dashed in and out of B&N to pick up a Math practice book so I can keep plugging away with this GMAT studying.

Earlier in the day on Food Network I had seen a show about homemade falafel. For some reason this really stuck with me and on my way home I just had to stop at the store and get the ingredients to try this out. Never mind the fact it was 9:30 by the time I got home. But I did it. I used this recipe and enjoyed one of my first completely vegetarian meals that I have ever cooked. (My whole day seems to be a bit on the vegetarian side). I have to was really tasty. I do need a food processor. I did the whole thing in a blender but I am thinking a new kitchen appliance is going to make it into my 415 sq. feet before I know it.

Tomorrow is a HP date with Sam and Ashley-- "Samley", perhaps dinner or lunch with them as well. And then I just have a pile of Laundry, a dirty apartment and some new GMAT studying materials to attack. This weekend is flying by. I don't like it.

Not. One. Bit.


  1. I love buying clothes on the cheap. And breaking in new running shoes. Except for the blisters part like you endured, that's never fun. :/ Good luck on your GMAT! I'm preparing for the GRE.

  2. I can't get over how this summer is flying by! I hope you are keeping cool over there! I've never watched Secrets of a Restaurant Chef on Food TV. And now that I got rid of cable, I guess my only chance of seeing it is at the gym!