Thursday, January 26, 2012

Not Sure What Happened...

This post just went missing after I posted it....

I think we are back up and running.

I love this gem of a dress, and it is affordable! (Well affordable if I wasn't on a new no-shopping and spending binge trying to get my savings account to look a little bit better these days!)

(And if you would like to buy it for me...well I can tell you where to find me) Found at Delias

In other news I was emptying my mail box this morning before work and in addition to my onslaught of magazines (thank you frequent flier miles) I got a package from Erica! Inside she sent me an awesome pink highlighter (it has a "window" in the tip so you can see what you are highlighting as you go), a Hello Kitty sponge, my favorite erasers that are perfect for crafting and a pretty little soap! For a day that I knew was going to go by super slow since I was dragging, the package totally made my day!

Thank you Erica!

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