Sunday, January 15, 2012


Last night we went bowling...or should I say COSMIC bowling! We lucked out and arrived just in time for old school lanes to be transformed into a trashy club-meets-eight year old-birthday party complete with glowing pins and bowling balls. I haven't gone bowling since my old company's summer company event- and even then I had organized the event so I wasn't exactly in the place to enjoy the bowling. We went to a place out near my old apartment in Alexandria and I have to say the "charm" of this place is pretty awesome. No dress codes, fancy cocktails, or lounge like seating here! Just straight up old school bowling, greasy food, beer and fabulous bowling shoes.

Now I was honest in saying that I was a really bad bowler, I came clean with this information. Indeed, that proved true, particularly when my hand was getting tired! I was fairly awful, with only a few strikes, a handful of spares and plenty of gutter balls. Now, some individuals claim to be a "bad" bowler, and yet still manage to do pretty stinking well. My bowling partner-in-crime was one of these "bad" bowlers. So needless to say my pathetic score looked even more pathetic as he out scored me all three games! But it was a fun evening and something outside the ordinary for a change.
 Action Shot!
Cosmic bowling time!

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