Friday, September 14, 2012


When inspiration strikes, particularly baking or crafting inspiration, I obsess. If I am not obsessed with the idea I can tell you right now it will be years before I ever bake or craft that idea. However, if the obsession strikes....well I will carve out an evening, weekend, wee hours if the morning to make it happen. The latest obsession... bagels.

Homemade bagels.

With a crunchy outer shell, and that chewy, dense-but-flaky inside.

What got me hooked on this bagel obsession? Seeing them on cupcakes and cashmere. (follow the link to get the recipe!)

I was a bit intimidated and also a bit shocked with the very few ingredients needed for these!

it did take awhile. There is a lot of waiting, rising, waiting, rising and then baking. I'm sure you are also wondering if all this effort is really worth it. After all, you can just buy a bagel. It. Is. Worth. It.

They are like a bagel's little sister...the bagellette.

A little peanut butter, and a little milk. A little joy. yum!

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