Friday, September 28, 2012

Around the House

I was home today trying to rest, work and ignore the construction noise and potent cleaning smells from the hallway while they ripped up the god awful carpet in my apartment's hallways. Luckily the hallways look much better with the old tile exposed now. While it is just the hallways, it does make a difference!

Today allowed a lot of time to appreciate some of the small things that make me happy.

These little pups are my favorite salt and pepper shakers. If you tip them when you are setting them down the somtimes "sneeze" salt or pepper on the counters, but other than that, they are well beahaved!

Wyatt made this sequined masterpiece for me, and I just adore it. I love any piece of artwork he sends me, but this one always looks particularly stunning on my book shelf. I love coming home from work and seeing this everyday.
My recent sore throat had me combing my cabinents for any tea I had on hand. Not wanting to take my caffeine intake over the top, I found this apple tea that I brought back from our trip to Turkey last year. While it didn't end up being the same tea that I had in all the cafes in Turkey, it is very tasty and reminds me of fall. When it brews it changes color from green to red, just like apples! With a little sprinkle of brown sugar, it makes me very happy.
To drink my tea, I grabbed this mug my mom bought me when we were driving through Kansas.  Complete with pictures of some of my favorite people in the background.
While I am a bit stuffed up, the smell from the cleaners in the hallway was overwhelming. I was relieved to remember I purchased a new candle at target the last time I was there. I am love with the scent and am thinking that I'll have to add the bigger version soon since it makes me apartment smell so fresh!
What are some of the favorite things around your home? It is the small things huh?

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