Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Best Motivation

I started feeling the scratchies in the back of my throat last night. As I was slumped over trying to stay away for a phone call from the bf (and failed) I thought to myself--you are getting sick. I know...mind of over matter, and I totally let my mind get the best of me.

Today. Not death bed sick, but certainly not well and a 9:30 budget meeting where I had already invested too much time, and my fellow comrade had already sacrificed a night of sleep to prep. There was no way I wasn't going to make that meeting. Showered, dressed and bribing myself with splurging on a real breakfast vs. my usual granola bar I forced myself onto the bus.

Naturally that 9:30 meeting turned into a 10am meeting. Then 10:45. Then it was cancelled. Back at my desk I made a targeted to-do list of everything I had to do before I could possibly consider going home. I estimated I could be back on the bus moving back towards jammies and bed by 1. A few hours later than that I did manage to get out of the office, head home, throw on the jammies and passed out for two blissful hours. It. Was. Wonderful.

Now why can't I have that motivation and level of concentration every day? Day in day out? If I was as crazed as I was today to get those things off my to-do list I would be VPHR by the time I am 28! (Ok maybe not, but I would be saving poodles with my spare time since I would be so bored with my lack of a to-do list!)

Lucky for me, I got a ton done today AND a nap. Fingers crossed this sore throat decides to hit the road and allow me to enjoy my weekend!