Monday, September 23, 2013

The Weekend After

This is my first full week back in the office since about three weeks ago. It is also my last full week in this office. Then I have a whole new work existence, and that is a bit exciting and nerve wracking at the same time! Mostly exciting though.

Back to being gone. The BF and I were first in California, gallivanting to LA and then down to San Diego for Kendal's awesome wedding. Then I jetted to Idaho for a fast few days in my beloved state. Followed by meeting up with the BF again in Kansas City for a wedding and two baseball games!

I'll backtrack later hopefully to talk more about California and Missouri but for now I'll show you a bit of my trip to Idaho.

My parents greeted me at the airport, and they came with the most beautiful bouquet of roses.
My mom said she always loves seeing people with flowers at the airport because it shows how special someone is to another person, and my mom wanted that for me! The sweetest!

I had time to do a lot of the things I love most about Boise. As well as things from my childhood. Like taking a quick walk up Camels Back to catch a view of the city.

Strolling downtown and checking out some new boutiques that have some great items!
If you are in Boise you must check out Indie Made (and buy me that onsie for my firstborn!), and stroll into Mixed Greens just a few blocks over. I had to buy something at each store because they were just filled with adorable gifts, amazing lotions and soaps, and an amazing bag (if anyone wants to get me a gift ;)) that was perfection.

I flipped through old family photos. Shed a few tears over how empty the house felt without the presense of "The Poodle".
Being a gentleman and stealing Christmas decorations to woo the girls with.
Sitting on the chair lift with dad.
Yup, We made him wear a skunk costume. He was NOT happy.
There were also some gems like these that had me rolling on the floor laughing.

There was lunch with friends. At Fork and BleuBird Cafe, which if you are in must visit. It was delightful. Cheery. Great food. Hand crafted drinks. A must. I can't rave enough.

I saw the new Boise Tower....which if you had any idea of how long this has been in the making, you'd be amazed too!
Dessert, (chocolate dipped cone) post lunch with a childhood friend at this classic establishment.

Treated to dinner at the new-to-me,10 Barrel Brewery, that seems to be the perfect addition to the Boise downtown scene. The three of us did a beer tasting, and has so much fun figuring out which was each of our favorites and then ordering an additional beer of our favorites!
I even got to see my favorite littles and my sister!
I can't believe how big they both are. Wyatt is almost taller than me (ok, not really but it seems like it!) and is such a neat little kid. I love that he remembers me and things about my life. He knows I live far away (sad), but totally gets that I fly on planes and that I love to just sit abd play with him. Oh, and that Ava. She is all girl. She loves clothes and shoes. She lets you know she is there, and man she holds her own. I could not be any more in love with those two!

My final day. I squeezed in a run alongside the beautiful Boise River.

Got to visit with my aunt and uncle and then even made a very quick stop at the new location of the Rosiemade store where I also saw (unforunately had to run so didn't get to talk to) Aunie from Aunie Sauce.

The next morning I was up bright and early to head to Missouri for round two of the wedding trip. Leaving Boise was hard. It always it. And it just seems to get harder with each trip.

This past weekend I was in a funk. Sleeping every chance I could get (granted I've been fighting a cold and we pulled an all nighter coming back to DC), and just feeling mopey. It took me awhile to realize it was the DC Blechs settling in. Luckily, the weekend is always greeted with Monday, and with my transition to the new job in full swing, work is busy and distracting, so not much time to mope or think about where else I would like to be.

Boise, you have my heart and in so many ways.

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