Friday, January 23, 2015


I had a lunch/afternoon date with one of my nearest and dearest, Ashley, this weekend while our boys, men, boyfriends were gone for the weekend to celebrate Ashley's finance's bachelor party. We met up and it was pouring rain so we picked our brunch spot on where we could find parking close to a front door and the posted up at a table for 3.5 hours (we clearly had a TON to catch up on).

We rehashed the holiday season, the crazy new reality my family has going on, how men are idiots, work, how our lives could use assistants, and how we are really comfortable drinking by ourselves-- the typical girl brunch topics.

After occupying our table for a solid 3-4 hours, we finally decided to move and free up the table when we realized we were the only people and had outlasted the brunch AND lunch crowd.

Ashley left me alone for a few minutes to head to the restroom and I was left bundling up putting my coat and my scarf to have one of the waiter say "Please don't take this the wrong way, but you are really beautiful". I blushed way deeper than any shade of blush I had on. He was truly sincere about the comment and all I could muster was a "thank you".  While I was my typically uncomfortable-self; it was incredibly flattering.

Nicholas is a lucky dog... :)

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