Friday, January 30, 2015

Letters To DC: The Stampeding Animals Known as Humans

Dear Everyone Who Walks Like they a Stampeding Animal,

Why are we walking so damn fast? The other evening I went to Target to pick up some essentials, was walking back and almost got trampled like Mufasa in the gorge. You all were walking so freaking fast, I practically had to trot to not get my heels run over by the chick rolling her suitcase down the street.

Granted I've been at the office allll day and you want to get home so you can watch the SOTU or Dance Moms, and you all have much longer legs (especially those of you wearing those power heels that add 4 inches to your height). So I get are on a mission. I am too. But the difference between stampeding down the sidewalk vs. a gentle stroll probably is only saving you 3-4 extra minutes each evening. Not to mention, don't you ever just want to enjoy the walk?

I was enjoying my walk and outing to Target. Granted, I don't get out we all well know, but when I do it usually is for enjoyment, exercise and because even I (the ultimate homebody) gets stir crazy. So I want to enjoy my time away from "my office"; even if it is just a trivial trip to Target or the post office.

I just don't understand where we are all trying to go so dang fast? No one has enough time in the day, so why fight it? Just enjoy your walk. Oh maybe smile at someone too...revolutionary concept, I know.

Oh wait....sorry. I forgot.

You are just so important of course you are going to walk like a race horse trying to win the Kentucky Derby.



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