Monday, January 26, 2015

Just Do Better Than Yesterday

This is the time of the year were resolutions, annual goals, performance evaluations, and pacts with friends are made to gear up for the start of a new year. Frankly, I find it a bit too overwhelming. With the things I have to do for work- objective setting and performance evaluations- the idea of setting more things for me to be working on just feels so...daunting.

I also know that purchasing a gym membership, a juicer, or lavender sachets will only help me for long and quickly those purchased items will gather dust, be something that causes my anxiety and worry for how much money I spent on them and not using them. I like to be practical about my goals.

Particularly this year, I kind of have the overall goal of just: Survive.

Just get through it. Just make it through the crazy days at work. Don't get stressed. Don't get upset about stupid little shit. Just survive it until calmer waters come up.

But perhaps I should put a little more structure to it than that. A few years ago my sister was telling me about something she had read (or heard- who knows! It has been awhile). But to just focus on doing, and being better than yesterday. We were talking about it relating to both of our addictions to cookies, but I like the sound of applying it to everyday life.

Just do better than yesterday. 
Eat a little better than yesterday. Even if it is one one less cookie. Walk a bit more than yesterday. Even if it is 10 steps. Be kinder than yesterday. Even if it just a small text to check in on a friend. Be gentler with yourself. Even if it is just taking one more deep breath to steady your heart.

I am going to baby step into 2015.

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