Monday, January 19, 2015

That Time I Went out In Public With a Hole in My Pants

I don't get dressed a lot. My work wardrobe typically consists of PJs, sweats and yoga pants. (see: Working from Home) Getting dressed is reserved for nights out, weekends, and....well that is about it. There just isn't a lot of "effort" during the week days, so if I do venture out of the apartment it is a BIG deal for me to put on bottoms have a button and zipped.

It was a loooonnnggg week this past week. Insane project load. Performance reviews. A special project I am on. AND evaluating how to re-certify for my PHR. Come Friday I was barely hanging in there to make it to 6pm. With a afternoon free of meetings; I wanted to change of my scenery since I don't get out much and headed to our local coffee shop to blaze through some of the items standing between me and the weekend.

I got dressed, did my hair and make-up, packed up my bag and headed out. I ordered coffee, a late lunch, sat down and was churning through my to-do list. A gentleman kept glancing over at me; and while I am attached; the flattery of someone making eyes my direction always is an ego boost.

Pondering the wording of an email I realized how breezy it was down there, quickly glanced down, had my heart stop as I realized that the guy was not look at my fantastic eye brows, but rather my pink polka dot underwear that he could see through the gaping hole in my pants!!! The seam had just fallen out of my pants. Gone. Poof! Nothing.

Needless to say, I hightailed it out of the coffee shop as quickly as I could. Shuffled home pulling my coat down as far as possible and carried my bag in front of me.

This is why I don't leave the apartment. 

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  1. This story is even better than I thought it could be. XOXO.