Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Make-up Finds

As we know...I don't get dress much, let alone put on make-up (poor BF...he really got the shit end of the deal with my work from home gig!), but now that I use a lot less make-up, I feel a bit better about splurging on my make-up and skincare. I've found some items I am really loving right now that I thought I would share. I am still on the quest for the best wrinkle diminishing moisturizer, and always look for good face cleansers (so please comment with your recommendations) these are some things I would pass along to any of my friends!

1) Mia Clairsonic

This was a Christmas present from my sister. Now while I was excited, I had no idea how much I would truly love this. I used to hate getting ready for bed and my night-time routine, but I look forward to using this. It is calming, my skin is looking fantastic and it really does make your face feel cleaner.

2) MAC Satin Taupe Eye Shadow

This shade is my jam. I picked it out on a whim, and have fallen in love. It is the perfect shade for everyday wear, but can easily be transitioned to a night out with a touch of "sketch" shade on the outer corners of my eyes.These shadows also last forever, so I love that while expensive, it feels worth every dime.

I've been using the Bobbi Brown foundation stick, but have found it wore off during the day and was drying my skin. I got sold on this while visiting Ulta in Boise and have really enjoyed it so far. Skeptical of that application brush (so expensive!) I think it does make difference, and this foundation blends like a dream and looks very natural but has a ton of coverage. I also find that it does last much longer than Bobbi Brown. Unfortunately, their moisturizers smelled so horrific I will never touch them again. 

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