Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Spooky Halloween

Deciding that we were really in to the costume/bar scene, Alex had heard about an Alexandria ghost tour on Halloween night. Our house guest Miss. Erin joined us a for a walking ghost tour that was delightfully spooky and fun! We wove through the streets of Alexandria hearing some of the fabled legends of ghosts that hang around the area. Being in such an old, historic town it was neat to hear the stories and use your imagination to think of days gone by. The special Halloween tour concludes in the bedroom of "The Burning Bride", or otherwise known as Laura Schaffer. Her extravagantly large wedding dress caught on fire, and naturally when she tried to flee her room the door was stuck. Eventually she managed to open the door, only to tumble down the stairs and suffer massive burns causing her to pass away a few days later.

While the stories were embellished and the fright of Halloween added to the spookiness, but the tour was undoubtedly a good time and worth the money.

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