Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack

Alright alright alright...I know you have all been saying "Where the heck is this girl!?!". Ok maybe not. But I'll keep telling myself that so I have motivation to blog! But the reality is busy. When did life just become plain busy. The strange part is I know I am busy, because I hardly feel like I have time to do anything on my personal (or my work) to-do lists! Don't get me wrong I am enjoying myself, but I just wonder how the hours in my day are flying by!

A brief work and life update and then I will write some specific blogs. Work has really been stressing me out lately. My boss is just about to go out on maternity leave and I am a little nervous to be running things again. Granted I am hopefully going to have help this time around, but I also know there is about 7 times more work than there was the last time she was out on leave. Luckily I know I have also grown a lot and have a lot more competencies this time around. I think my biggest concern is that people won't come to me because they think I am too young or inexperienced, but I don't think most people understand how trustworthy and responsible I am. I will give myself that...I am trustworthy and responsible. In good news, we have been making some hires, which is always really fun and exciting, and I really feel like I have been a contributing factor into bring in good talent into the company. It is really exciting to see someone who you were the first person to see their resume get hired after going through the recruitment process. Warm fuzzies.

My bedroom is a disaster even though I spent almost all of Sunday cleaning the little apartment. Granted the kitchen is in good shape, but I seriously haven't even had time to pick up a shoe!

This past weekend event. I was supposed to go to a DC United game but got word that a very near and dear friend had wound up in the hospital from complications with pneumonia. So I spent time with my friend on Saturday. Luckily you could see he was in good hands and I was relieved to hear him be released on Monday to go home and recover from there. Tonight we spent some time together again. I brought over the fixings to make some tacos and we watched the finale of greys. I also had some magically parking karma when I got home, so I had a great evening! My thoughts and prayers are still going out for a speedy recovery for my friend as I know being homebound can not be the most enjoyable experience.

In other breaking dad got a new car!! Black and obviously a pretty awesome set of wheels for him and his football loving passion!

I am thrilled for Friday and am hoping that I can reduce my 5 to-do lists down to a more manageable 2-3 and still manage to get home and do some crafting, cleaning and general doingabsolutelynothingbecauseIamadultandicanstayinonafridayandnotfeelguiltynotonesinglebit.

I have some craft projects on my mind and also some planning to do for Saramarie's visit! (She arrives on TUESDAY!!!). I also need to start gearing up for my last week as a youthful 23 year old. Just around the corner is the big 2-4. meep!

Also....Happy Birthday to me...The Bachelorette Season Premier...MAY 31!! Thanks ABC!!!