Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The No-Good-Very-Bad Attempt at Homemade Fruit Rollups

Well this was a epic culinary fail. But luckily for your entertainment....there are photos!!! Ok so the idea came from Darby (who is A-dorable ps) at A Fly Through Our Window (read her blog-- you will fall in love with her and her family!). ANYWAYS, she posted her recipe on her blog with pictures, and it just looked too good to not try. Plus, I love fruit leather, fruit snacks, fruit roll ups--fruit anything basically. So here is her recipe for all you brave souls who obviously aren't going to pay attention to my epic fail.

So it started off with a trip to the store. Then I chopped and cleaned my lovely strawberries (Which are totally a steal right now!).


THEN we stuck the berries in a blender (first time it has made an appearance since the move) and added the applesauce and lemon juice. I few minutes swirling in there and I had my beautiful pink/red puree.

After the blender we (I mean I) put it on the stove and added my sugar.

So at this point all is going/looking well. I reduce to the point of Darby's directions. Pour onto my lined cookie sheet and pop it in the over which is set at the lowest temp. my oven can go. So we wait. And wait.

and wait.

and wait...

and check on it.

and wait some more....

and some more...

and then it starts to solidify and look like fruit leather/roll up material. But the center was still gooey. So we wait.

and wait.

and then we ruined it. By waiting. Ruined.

Crispy, not rollupy.

Disaster. That made it in the trash.


I have no idea what I did wrong, but I am kind of determined to get it right. A few things: I think I need to bake in a friend's oven (preferably one that is newer than mine). I think the temperature regulation was a bit off. Also I think I could have reduced it a bit more before the cookie sheet. Anyways, if anyone has attempted Darby's recipe and rocked it...send me your tips!

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