Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Recovery and Perfect Weekend

I am finally back among the living. I am not 100% but considering how sick I was, this is a vast improvement and I will take it. At this point I have a lingering cough, runny nose and am pretty much exhausted from doing ANYTHING. Luckily I had an awesome weekend and was ready to head back to work on Monday.

Friday I worked late since I was pretty behind from spending Monday in bed. But when I am focused and can manage to battle my growling stomach, staying late when not a lot of people around is great. I headed home and ate some left overs while watching TV and then caught up on 19 Kids and Counting and Grey's before heading to bed. (Now after my marathon of 19 Kids and Counting I am having a reoccurring dream about being the Duggar family's nanny...OMG)

Saturday morning started off at a leisurely pace, with me relishing in the freedom to sleep in. Around 1 I met up with a friend and went to Cheesetique in Del Ray. This had been on my to-do list for a long time when I lived in VA, but just had never found the time. Well what finally pushed me to make the effort to drive out there was looking online and seeing that they had a "Grown up Grilled Cheese" made with Beecher's Cheese. Beecher's is made in Seattle and is absolutely delish, so I had to go try this grilled cheese. We had a lovely little chat and got to sit outside and enjoy the sun (and wind).

After a great lunch we headed to Old Navy to look for some summer clothes, and then stopped in at Barnes & Noble. Since we had made the trip out to Alexandria we figured we should stop at the Crate and Barrel outlet and then also go to Whole Foods. The WF in Alexandria is the the only place I have found mizithra cheese which is one of my all time favorites. So naturally I bought a little wedge of that to munch on over the weekend.

We headed back in to DC to check out a kitchen store in Capitol Hill called Hill's Kitchen. The store is amazing! I could have spent hours and hours just looking at all the kitchen contraptions and books that are available here. But the real find.....IDAHO cookie cutters! (Blog to follow on making Idaho sugar cookies!) Hill's Kitchen had an amazing assortment of kitchen gadgets, pots n' pans, knives, practical and impractical. I will for sure be going here for my next set of married friends, birthdays, Christmas, etc.. They have a variety of price points too which makes it even more enjoyable of a store!

After dinner we fulfilled a DC goal I have had for a long time: Eat at Good Stuff Eatery (Top Chef Spike Mendelsohn's burger place). The burgers were very good. Juicy, flavorful, appropriate portion and seasoned well. The fries...a bit soggy which is not my favorite. But the crowning jewel of the night...toasted marshmallow milkshakes. There are not words to describe how amazing these were. It really tasted like a marshmallow roasted on an open campfire. MMmmMmMmMMM.

My cheeseburger (tomato rejected) and the fries

The evening concluded with watching a movie and some TV which was perfect since all that moving about had pretty taken it out of feeble-cold-ridden body.

Sunday I went grocery shopping, cooked some enchiladas and watched a series of fabulous movies (good TV on mothers day!)
Final Product!

It was a blissful weekend and luckily it recharged me for a busy busy week.

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  1. So glad you're feeling better. Those enchiladas look sooooo good! And the toasted marshmallow - I know, it's to die for!