Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Return

My head is spinning tonight. My heart is going out to one of my very best friends. There is so much that can go wrong in this world. I want to say something that she hasn't heard, or something that will make her feel better, but deep down I know the presence of people's support is sometimes the greatest (and only) thing that can be done.

It brings perspective. Sobering, metaphorical face-slapping buck up buttercup perspective. I have perspective. It may be fleeting. It always seems to be, that sense of clarity: Where to invest your time. Ridding excuses that you have used as defaults to hide behind. Covering up raw emotional wounds that when exposed, just like a scab, finally start to clot and heal.

I am rambling. Not there is really a point here, but I just ache for someone I deeply care about. I want to make some good of the bad that is happening. Feeling this clarity and sense of taking the lifebull by the horns, I hope that I am making some food out of some bad.

Hug your loved ones, tell your poodles they are the best dogs, cuddle your nieces and nephews, and take these moments of clarity and run with them.


On a slightly less dramatic and rambling subject.

I had a crazy good week last week. I was home. Or rather where my heart feels at home. It felt so good. Like wearing your favorite sweats on the weekend good.

Whistler & Seattle put on a show.Whistler gave us snow, sunshine and mountain side lodging and fresh made pasta. Seattle brought its game with sunny days, dinner with friends, and acres of clams.

I love that coast.

I have some photos, so hopefully there will be a better post about the trip but the week away did my soul good. Seeing my "sistahs", getting my last tracks in for the year, and lots and lots of chocolate.

The biggest bummer about returning from a wonderful vacation....the fact that the work week following feels like a million years long! It is Tuesday  and I feel like it is at least Thursday. Save me!

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  1. Ahhhhh so jealous you got to go to the best coast for so long!!! ok FINE so I got to go earlier this year. BUT STILL. I can never get enough of that place (obviously this is a lie since I keep moving away), but it really does feel amazing to go home :)