Monday, March 11, 2013

Daylight Savings Time & The Dreaded Monday

I dislike mornings. I really dislike mornings where I lose an hour or more of sleep. I don't care about the being lighter and more convenient times of the day. I love winter. I love dark mornings and early sunsets. I love cold air and heavy coats. I love sleeping in and waking up to the silence of the world, all snug and tucked in under a pile of blankets.

Birds chirping, people cutting grass, light streaming in my window. I'll take a pass. It usually just means that 4 months of unbearably hot, muggy, gross and unpleasant weather is going to happen here in DC.

This weekend was just the start of it with daylight savings time. That one hour knocked me for a loop. There is daylight at odd times, I missed an hour of sleep, and just feel whomp whomp today.

In my attempts to milk every precious moment out of my alarm this morning, I was running a bit late for work and didn't have time to make coffee to-go this morning. Lucky for me, the bus lets me off right at Krispy Kreme (this is a blessing and a curse as I am sure you can imagine) and I decided to just grab my coffee fix there. I walked in with my super human strength to not buy a doughnut to go with my coffee (remembering I had my non-fat raspberry yogurt in my purse) and was so excited when I was offered a "sample" doughnut hole. Just two sugary-sweet-chewy delightful bites, but it was so satisfying! It was just the pick-me up I need on this springiscomingpleaseshootmeandIreallydislikedaylightsavingstime Monday.

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