Monday, March 4, 2013

IBD ADPi Style

I am linking up with other fellow Greek bloggers over at The Unreal Life to talk about some of my personal thoughts and memories spurred by International Badge Day.

For all you greek version of muggles, International Badge Day is a day for Greek women to wear their badge (i.e. pin) with pride to celebrate their sisterhood.

To say what Greek life means to me, or my favorite memory, of even what I learned from my sisters, is something I can hardly start to scrape the surface on. One thing I do my house, my letters, ADPi.... picked me. My four years in 'the house' will probably always stand as four of the most memorable, and life changing years of my life. I made the most amazing friends, who will be "my people" for the rest of my life.

While ADPi was important to me in college, its importance has only grown since graduation. Living on the other side of the country from where I met all of the amazing women I call sisters, and having us spread out all over the country, some getting married, some living in foreign countries, and some not having facebook accounts, the definition of friendship has continued to evolve for me, but has always remained stable in knowing that I can always talk to one of these women, and instantly feel a sense of home.

My sisters, my chapter, the standards the ADPi holds me to, all shaped me, changed me and made me exactly who I am today. I know that going through that experience with the women in my chapter will always bind me to them, and they will always understand where I came from. Talking to my sisters (seeing them is even better!), is always a return to knowing what is true to me.

To borrow from ADPi's creed, some words I take with me wherever I go, and wherever my friends may be (as cliche as some may see them- they have always made me get chills)

I BELIEVE in Alpha Delta Pi. I BELIEVE that my sorority is more than a ritual or a symbol; that it is a way of life.
Happy International Badge Day Ladies!
First. Finest. Forever.


  1. "Greek version of muggles" haha. That's a new one! I'm also an ADPi and linked up today — so glad I found your blog! I love meeting sisters on the Internet. Happy IBD!

  2. Happy IBD! Thank you so much for joining our link up!